It can finally be called Summer in England, the sun is out and it’s hot (and with the sun, as Brits, the barbecue’s come out too).

If you’re thinking to yourself ‘a conservatory would be really nice for weather like this’ I’d take a moment to think about the practicalities of having one, and the additional costs you may not have thought about before getting one. Imagine this: it’s below zero degree’s outside and you’re in your warm living room looking for a book you were reading a couple of weeks ago when it was warmer. You realise you’ve left it in the conservatory and so you go in there to get it, to find that you’ve stepped into what feels like the Arctic! That’s because you haven’t installed heating in there to keep it nice and cosy (which would cost a fortune in heating bills).

This is one of the additional costs I was talking about earlier. The same goes for when it’s boiling hot, except that you’d need to install some air conditioning or some way of keeping it cool (another one of those extra costs).

Another thing you’d need to think about is the roof on the conservatory. If it’s that plastic roof you see on many of them, then it’s not going to be very well insulated as any form of heating or cool air you input will most probably just gradually leak outside. Those of you who already own a conservatory will be relaxing in there I assume. No? It’s too hot in there? You’re roasting? Sounds like your conservatory hasn’t got a good quality roof installed to keep that air conditioning in.



Written by Jade Turney – Building Tectonics.


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